Asociace metodiků - Association of Teacher Educators

Using the logo

img_list/Inserted_images/AMATE_logo_black.jpg       Our logo was created in 2001 and it is made of first letters of the name of the association. It used to be framed. The logo is a registered trademark.

AMATE collaborates with many institutions. There is an agreement with our partners on the logo usage. They are then entitled to use the logo on their websites and other materials. Thus the logo AMATE is not confirming the quality and correctness of the content and services of our partners and AMATE holds no responsibility for them.

 Sponsors - British council - Oxford University Press

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IATEFL - International Association of Teachers of English as a Foreign Language

ATEČR - Association of Teachers of English of the Czech Repulic

AUŠ-APE - Asociace učitelů španělštiny

MŠMT - Ministerstvo školství a tělovýchovy ČR

Národního institutu pro další vzdělávání

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