Asociace metodiků - Association of Teacher Educators

How to become a sponsor of AMATE?

Write an e-mail to AMATE board ( expressing your interest in becoming our sponsor and the best way of sponsorship will be agreed upon. For example, the sponsorship may look like this:

  • financial gift to AMATE´s working,
  • sponsorship of a particular event; e.g. securing catering, print of materials,
  • support of our members by educational materials (e.g. methodology textbooks or magazines),
  • financial support of a particular project or research.

All depends upon mutual agreement between AMATE and the sponsor. Each sponsor is stated on our web pages during the year in which the sponsorship takes place.

What does the status “partner of AMATE" mean?

Partners share with AMATE information about educational projects and events; ideally, AMATE likes to truly cooperate on particular projects with its partners.

Who can become AMATE´s partner?

It can by any organisation whose agenda is related to foreign language teaching.

Why is AMATE an independent organisation?

AMATE is a very specific association uniting experts and professionals in the area of foreign language teaching and training; its members are primarily teacher educators. AMATE has been always trying to go beyond the boundaries of one foreign language only and so it would be extremely difficult to merge it with an organisation uniting teachers of one foreign language only.

What does the AMATE´s motto "Securing the quality of foreign language teacher education " mean?

AMATE wants to concentrate on creating quality educational seminars and workshops for foreign language teachers. Also, we want to implement stricter criteria for their accreditation/certification. Any course under AMATE auspices must always meet high standards and criteria for quality and contents.

What can AMATE offer to an established expert in teacher training?

AMATE surely can offer a community of experts and so a feeling of solidarity and unity. Also, we help our members with their further professional development offering them various conferences and workshops to attend. Finally, any member can obtain a job offer/s by way of being our member because AMATE cooperates with many institutions, organisations and publishers who sometimes require presenters or experts to participate on their projects.

What can AMATE offer to an ESP expert?

For sure, you will free access to information concerning current trends and events in ESL and sharing experience and expertise with other ESL professionals who are members of AMATE. In addition, you may benefit from attending ESL conferences both in CR and abroad.

How is AMATE funded?

We receive gifts from sponsors, obtain money from the membership fee and from events that AMATE organises (e.g. conferences, workshops, seminars).

If I do not meet the qualification prerequisites for AMATE membership, can I still participate in your events?

In such a case, unfortunately, you cannot become a member of AMATE and so you cannot directly take part in AMATE events. Nontheless, you can still be informed about our activities by following information on our web site, Facebook, or by subscribing to receive news from our web.

Do I really have to let my university diploma/s attached to the application certified by a notary public?


 Sponsors - British council - Oxford University Press

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