Asociace metodiků - Association of Teacher Educators

AMATE offers to all its members:

  • opportunities for further professional development and lifelong education,
  • free access to information concerning current trends and events in the foreign languages teaching,
  • support to members striving for professional recognition,
  • help in the beginning of the career,
  • help with coordination of their professional activities (e.g. courses, seminars, workshops, conferences, grants),
  • a possibility of cross-curricular and interdisciplinary cooperation,
  • a cooperation with educational institutions and individuals – professionals,
  • a sense of solidarity and unity to all its members.


 Sponsors - British council - Oxford University Press

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IATEFL - International Association of Teachers of English as a Foreign Language

ATEČR - Association of Teachers of English of the Czech Repulic

AUŠ-APE - Asociace učitelů španělštiny

MŠMT - Ministerstvo školství a tělovýchovy ČR

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