Asociace metodiků - Association of Teacher Educators

Uniting professionals in the area of Foreign Language Teaching and Teacher and Trainer Training.

AMATE cooperates with Ministry of Education, British Council and other institutions, publishers and associations. It is also an associate member of IATEFL

If you want to join our association to share your expertise, feel welcome. Dare to share and join us as a valuable member or profit from conferences, seminars and other events. More information about the membership is HERE


 Sponsors - British council - Oxford University Press

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IATEFL - International Association of Teachers of English as a Foreign Language

ATEČR - Association of Teachers of English of the Czech Repulic

AUŠ-APE - Asociace učitelů španělštiny

MŠMT - Ministerstvo školství a tělovýchovy ČR

Národního institutu pro další vzdělávání

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